Retail to Recruit

Wellness 101

Wellness 101 Combined Documents

Wellness 101 Presentation Outline

'How to' Webinar/Video for Wellness 101 Presentation 

   Names List Form

   Sample Wellness 101 Invite

   Family Wellness 101 Invite

   Health Survey

   Nutritional Wellness Program (Two Pages)

   Nutritional Wellness Program (One Page)

   Kit Flyer: Which kit is right for you? (Digestive Kit / Detox Kit)

   Order Form Credit Card with Kits

   Registration Form for Home Events

   Suggested Wellness Product Kits

Optional Information for Presentation/Follow-up

   Which Kit is right for you? (Optimal / TLS)

   Product Kit Flyer (Six Kits)

   Product Kit Flyer (Daily Essentials/ Anti Againg/ TLS/ Fast Start)

   Product Kit Flyer (Daily Essentials/ Anti-Aging/Optimal Wellness/Fast Start)

     Suggested Nutritional Guide (5 Pages)

     Health Survey 

     Intestines Pictures

     Health and Nutrition Next Step Letter

     Stress Survey 

     Skin Care Survey

     Survey Get Paid To Shop

   Retail to Recruit Quick One on One Outline

   Retail to Recruit Business Portal Presentation (Group or One on One)

Beauty Basics (Beauty 101)

'How to' Webinar/Video Featuring Lisa Kotska

Forms for the Distributor

Beauty Basics Outline

Back Office Motives Downloads

For Guests Survey/Invite

Motives Top 10 & 3 Wellness Products

Motives Top 10 Price Breakdown 

$85 Per Guest (Delighting the Customer)

Forms for the Guest

Motives Beauty Basics Invitation

Beauty Basics Survey

Suggested Products & Benefits

Page One 

Page Two

Top Ten Products Face Chart

Flyer Which Kit Is Right For You?

Motives Beauty Basics Order Form

It's All About Skin / Clinic

All About Skin Event Outline

Seeing Is Believing



Skin Care Analysis Form (Version 1)

Skin Care Analysis Form (Version 2)

Skin Care Suggested Products

Skin Care Usage Chart (ma)

Skin Care Order Form

Lumiere De Vie Daily Regiment

Lumiere De Vie Powerpoint

How to Conduct a Skin Care Event Powerpoint 

Health Awareness

Health Awareness Powerpoint

Supplements in your house

Health Survey

Health Survey (Back Page)

   Circulatory System

   Digestive System

   Isotonix Delivery

   Nervous System

   Joint Standup

   Skeletal System Glucosatrin

   Skeletal System Prime Joint Support

Price Lists




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